Jan 29, 2009

Action photography at it's finest...err stop motion photography

This is one of the most creative pieces of photography I've seen in a long time. Thanks to a few friends for forwarding it along. So, kick back for three minutes and I promise by the end you will be saying, "how did they do that"! (bonus: the sound track is so smoooooth). Oh, and I will be back to posting some super cool adventure, sport and action photography very very soon. Some really fun shoots are in the works for the next few days...stay tuned.

Jan 28, 2009

Close your hotel blinds when visiting Tokyo

I was reading a few photography blogs this morning and found this little clip:

Check it out for yourself; open the link to a 6.2 Gigapixel image here and zoom around all you want. So get this straight, that's the equivalent of 620 cameras taking a photo at the same time and stitching all those images together (i.e. Nikon d80 or Canon 40D). I'm pretty sure you could print that puppy up, wrap it half-way around the earth and still view it from the moon rather nicely. The moral of this post: close the blinds

I think I shall photograph something similar in Utah with one of our iconic landscapes or adventure settings. Any suggestions?

Jan 21, 2009

Trail Running Ad in Print // Advertising Photographer

Not much time to post, but here's the result of an advertising photo shoot a few months back that will be featured in the upcoming Backpacker magazine, gear guide. The publication should hit the stands in April sometime. I have to give one more shout to a cool company to work with, tech4o and the talent/triathlete, Eric Wynn! Check out the tech40 gear. Good stuff

Jan 20, 2009

Sean Connery with Annie Leibovitz

Annie Leibovitz is one famous photographer. From her very regular celebrity shoots to her fascinating shoot of Queen Elizabeth II, she performs under pressure. I came across this little behind the scenes clip from her recent shoot with Sean Connery for Louis Vuitton on the Strobist site and thought I would pass along. The strobist article and commentary is quite informative if you're interested in discussing the ins and outs of on-location lighting. She strolls around with quite a large posse. Almost as large as the Kevin Winzeler advertising photography clan. Check it out.

The shot:

Jan 19, 2009

The Dream Speech

After heading up to the beautiul Rio Tinto soccer stadium in Salt Lake City, Utah to meet with the marketing folks of REAL Salt Lake (Major League Soccer), I got home and realized it was a holiday for most of the working class (Haven't taken too many off in the past year). So I checked a few blogs and news sites and came across this speech in the process. I must admit it was my first time through the whole speech and I highly recommend taking a few minutes to watch yourself on the eve of a momentous inauguration:

Jan 10, 2009


2009: it's time to rebrand

So back during the business school days I came across a neat little book titled, the 22 immutable laws of branding. Basically, a three hour read with nicely packaged tips for building a super star business!

If I recall correctly, the author said that any single brand would literally explode into a billion dollar business within 3 years of inception if it simply had a really cool name. Had to be really cool, and memorable and unique, oh and easy to spell. And now I pause and pay homage to parents and their parents and all the other Winzeler's down the line (like 6 in existence I think). Kevin Winzeler: cool, memorable, unique...not so easy to spell. I really like my name for the record.

Step two: turn that really cool name over to a designer and let 'em go crazy

Following design work courtesy of the super talented designer, Kevin Cantrell (you are going places with that first name btw).

FEEDBACK PLEASE! Click on the images below to enlarge.
Which brand do you like and why? (Letterhead, Business card and Envelope):

Brand 1:
Brand 2:

Brand 1 (variation A):

Brand 1 (variation B)

Brand 1 (Variation C)

Jan 1, 2009

45,000 + photos taken in Two Thousand and Eight

This past year has been amazing!

Thanks to all who have supported me in pursuit of the photography dream this past year. I am passionate about creating awesome photographs and your help and support has been much appreciated.

Before the jump to the images, here's a few "firsts" from this past year in both my personal and professional life...

First baby girl came to us (Abigail Winzeler and Christmas pic here: born May 12th)
First photography book published
First trip to big island of Hawaii (no lava flowing unfortunately)
First hunting trip (okay, just kidding, but photographed a bow hunting catalog for a super cool company: Hoyt)
First ski day with my little boy (age 2) in a blizzard. waving with dad here and mom here

Here's a look at a few images I liked from this past year of shooting... Do you have a favorite?