Jun 15, 2011

A Portfolio Review - Photographers

A couple of weeks back, I organized a portfolio review for a few photographers.  The goal was to get some critical feedback and improve our respective portfolios.  Work was done. Good times were had. Thanks for the feedback gents. Check out the 60 second time lapse footage below...along with some imagery at the end.

-Kevin Winzeler  

Jun 2, 2011

IS EXERCISE FUN? (Sports and Active lifestyle photography & Film)

Quick question for you today:  IS EXERCISE FUN?

I'm really curious what ya'll think, so please answer the following in the comments below:

Is Exercise fun?
1) Yes or No?
2) What you do for exercise and what have tried before?
3) Why is it or isn't it fun for you?

Let's hear it!

Kevin Winzeler
Sports, Active Lifestyle, Outdoor Photographer