Jul 27, 2011

Presenting @ 2011 PDN Outdoor Photo Expo! Topic: Story telling, Lighting and Adobe Lightroom

If you are even remotely interested in photography, adventure or the outdoors, then you best be in attendance at the first ever PDN Outdoor Photo Expo.  I received a call a few months back and was asked to present a 2 hour seminar on the topic of my choice.  I was game!  So, here are the details:

Lighting and Storytelling: Natural Light, Strobes & Adobe Lightroom [FA1]
Kevin Winzeler
Sponsored by Adobe
In this session, award-winning photographer Kevin Winzeler will take you behind the scenes and discuss lighting as a powerful story telling element. Light is the essence of photography and it will communicate radically different emotions and story lines based on it's use. By building your lighting knowledge and arsenal, you'll be better equipped to shoot the personal work that inspires you and deliver exceptional results to the clients that hire you. We'll discuss the nuances of lighting by utilizing both the natural light around you (reflecting, diffusing, shaping) as well as introducing artificial light (both small and large strobes) when necessary. Lastly, we'll discuss the use of Adobe Lightroom in your workflow to select and complete the perfect image. Bring your questions for a Q&A at the end. All levels.
Date: Friday, Aug. 5th from 8-10am.
Location: Hilton Salt Lake City Center
Register here: http://www.outdoorphotoexpo.com/ope/

Okay, here's what I need from you!   If you are coming or tuning in via the web or at all interested in storytelling, lighting or lightroom, then what do you want to learn about during my session??  Let's hear it!   Send me some questions here, on my FB page or tweet it.   I'll pull from here for my Q&A at the end as well.

I do promise you'll see some brand spankin' new work as well as a LIVE lighting demo (shhhh).  I'm stoked to share as much as possible within the two hour time limit.  Come enjoy!


Jul 14, 2011

Scouting near Interstate 15. Utah.

A few photographs from the evenings scouting trip.  The full-moon rise was unexpected and enjoyable; a wonderful evening to browse the local stomping ground.

Sports & Active Lifestyle Photographer