Jan 1, 2009

45,000 + photos taken in Two Thousand and Eight

This past year has been amazing!

Thanks to all who have supported me in pursuit of the photography dream this past year. I am passionate about creating awesome photographs and your help and support has been much appreciated.

Before the jump to the images, here's a few "firsts" from this past year in both my personal and professional life...

First baby girl came to us (Abigail Winzeler and Christmas pic here: born May 12th)
First photography book published
First trip to big island of Hawaii (no lava flowing unfortunately)
First hunting trip (okay, just kidding, but photographed a bow hunting catalog for a super cool company: Hoyt)
First ski day with my little boy (age 2) in a blizzard. waving with dad here and mom here

Here's a look at a few images I liked from this past year of shooting... Do you have a favorite?


Elicia said...

Just thought I would stop by and say how much we love the Landscape calendar Stephanie gave me for Christmas. I am blown away by your website and blog! You are very talented Kevin!
--Elicia (Steph's friend from Primary) :)

HardingClan said...
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HardingClan said...

I'm totally speechless...what to say...AMAZING!!!! I love how you are able to bring things to life in such a breathtaking and interesting way. You are one talented dude. :)