Mar 13, 2009

Maui: day two and three

Yesterdays already a blur probably due to the fact that this morning started at 4:00am with a twisty drive up the Haleakala volcano. From Sea level to 10,000 ft. in roughly 30 miles. It's the greatest elevation gain in the shortest distance anywhere in the world. That's not mentioning that at the 6:20am sunrise it's still 29 degrees with a wind/sleet/rain that is downright bone chilling. All for the love of pictures!?! The rest of the day was overcast and rainy, but still managed some to shoot quite a bit including the sun finally breaking through as I found a nice little surf spot where some 8-10 year olds were absolutely ripping it up. Action and Landscape photography in Maui...days 2 & 3. Be warned, I have this weird obsession on this trip with capturing winding roads and trails in huge, vast landscapes. I think I miss my bikes. Or maybe it's my commercial photography mindset kicking in as I see some really cool ad work all over the place out here.

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Josh H said...

nice work. . spectacular shots