Jul 14, 2009

HD Video Teaser: Apx ALARM, Architecture and Construction Photography

I've been creating more video lately in addition to the sports photography and commercial photography projects. The latest project is for a company called APX Alarm and is sort of a documentary of a new commercial office space they are building in Provo, Utah. A top interior architect has been on the project (Pollack Architecture based in San Francisco, California) and to say the least these guys do phenomenal work. I've been shooting with the 5D Mark II, which has been a blast. The final clip will be done toward the completion of the building (coming Oct. 2009). For now, here's a simple 2 shot 30 second teaser walking through the main floor of the building. These two shots were literally done in 10 minutes, and about the same for editing, so this is quick and dirty. No steadicam or other fancy equipment. The opening shot is really what's get me the most excited and several similar shots will appear in the final piece. Oh and check out all the still photography from the construction of the building at the Kevin Winzeler - APX Architecture photography . If you have a large monitor (24" plus) open a browser and click on the full 1080p HD video clip . I love having another creative outlet in shooting video!!

Also, here's a quick 1080p HD clip slowed down 800% with a little boy dancing in the water and playing with the garden hose

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