Aug 4, 2009

Creating photography for Design

The finish line is further down the road! I'll speak in broad terms here, but don't we as photographers end a bit too quickly when planning and shooting in terms of what the end uses of our photo will be? We take pictures that in our mind are complete, nicely wrapped, stand-alone items and call it good. So what's missing? Probably nothing for a fine art photographer, but for the commercial photographer, the process has just begun! I just finished an article that really resonated, not because I'm a designer, but rather because I'm a commercial photographer that works with designers, art directors and creative directors on a regular basis, I can hear their little voices in my head, screaming to us as photographers to the pay more attention to Design. Clean Lines. Provoke emotion. Visual cues that solidify the message. Texture. Details. More space for beautiful TYPE! I hear you. (if you're a designer reading this, we are listening. Comment with what is missing for you.

"Of course, smart photographers without a design background may well ask those questions too but it’s also likely that many photographers are more concerned about the technicalities of creating the image than producing a product that a designer will have to use. They want to create good photos. And even those photographers who do understand that a good commercial image isn’t just one that’s well-focused and finely-composed but also usable, might not consider whether there will be room for text or a headline if the image is run full bleed on a layout, or how the background elements may enhance or obstruct type and graphic elements laid over the photo...."

Image below: "Abandoned Lift" from the archives of Kevin Winzeler:

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