Oct 14, 2009

Latest stroke of inspiration: CCTV Ink Commercial

Typical day at the home office (non-photography day)...

Roll down to the office after hitting snooze on iPhone alarm and sleeping longer than I should have.

Plop down in chair and move mighty mouse around to wake sleepy mac pro from slumber...check
Quick glance at Calendar items for the day...check.
Bite of mini wheats...check.
Get out of chair. look out office window. Any cool cloud formations or light on local Timpanogos mountain?...check.
Look for inspiration...check.

This is the point, way too early in my day where I end up landing on who knows what photography, video, music, or other artistic website, thinking in my head how many amazingly creative and cool people there are in the world and how I hope someday I can be like them. It's a bit of a mix of pure inspirational euphoria and part depression when realization hits at how large the gap really is. I've found the trick is to draw energy off of the positive thoughts that come into my mind and ignore the ones that downplay my skills, ambition and goals in any way. It's also a chance to recognize other people in the world doing fantastic work and pause for a moment of appreciation. So on Tuesday, I had just a minute to browse for something inspirational in the midst of a few deadlines and ended up spending a good hour+ watching a sixty second commercial over and over, searching for the music, behind the scenes clips, info about the director Niko Tziopanos, analyzing ink frames, and saying in my mind, 'how'd they do that'. I love those moments, but man can they be distracting.

This weeks inspiring clip is an "ink" commercial for CCTV. 6 Weeks of production. 14-16 hour days with both day and night shifts for all the post-production work. And 60 seconds of genius. Check it out (btw - one favorite part is the sync of music and motion when the fish turn into birds and they take their first flap with instrumental picking up in the background; bravo)

Funny side note on the background music. I was really digging the instrumental blend in the background and pulled out Shazam on my iPhone trying to tag it, but was so stumped when it just wouldn't come up. Finally found, of course, at this level of production (hundreds of thousands if not more I'm sure), they budget in for composing artists and a sound design team....duh.
Will shortly be launching a video section in my advertising photography portfolio and video portfolios on http://www.kevinwinzeler.com soon.


Natasha said...

Glad to hear you have the same inspiration/depression phenomenon that I have. Some days (like today) I wonder if I really should be pursuing this. Sometimes it feels like there is still SO much to learn.

Trying to figure out the work at home thing too. Way to easy for me to get distracted.


I hear ya Natasha! Steph is in the same work-at-home dilemma too. Time and a season for everything. Have you been shooting a lot lately? What are you most interested in these days? Hope you are well.

Bethany said...

Came across this photography the other day and was totally intrigued by his subject matter. That ink commercial reminded me of this guys images...


Kevin Winzeler Photography // said...

Super cool Bethany. Thanks for the link.

Randy Frost Photography said...

Hey Kevin, I stumbled upon your talents from the Strobist site and have a become a fan of your images. I liked todays post, the distraction of a ho hom day, but a great find on the CCTV Ink Commerical. I had to watch a handful of times. I was totally blown away at how fluid it was. Here in Chicago, you never see something like this for a tv commerical. Keep doing what your doing, and I'm appreciative of the effort.

Randy Frost Photography said...
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Kevin Winzeler Photography // said...

Thanks Randy! Appreciate the feedback. Yeah, I love the fluidity also.