Nov 9, 2009

2009 "SHOT OF THE YEAR" - Skiing Magazine

Sweet photo eh? Any takers on the lighting set-up (hint: lot's of bounce fill, via snow), equipment used or what sweet, vintage Lightroom preset was applied?  I'm sure the shot was taken with some sweet Kodak Gold Max 800 film and whatever camera they used back in the day (me at age 4).  I doubt my parents ever proclaimed themselves sports photographers, but I can't thank them enough for putting me on skis at such an early age!

If you'll indulge me, I'd like to take a quick trip down memory lane. For starters, I'm pretty sure I jumped on my first pair of skis at the ripe age of 3. My dad would haul the munchkins (me, bro & sis) up to Breckenridge Ski resort, a good four hours from our home in Fort Collins, Colorado. We would make this trip at least twice during the winter months and since my birthday was in February I'd usually talk him into taking me on a third trip, "weekender birthday bash", to get a few more days on the slopes. Fast forward a few years and we landed in Utah, home to the best ski conditions anywhere. When my 10th birthday rolled around I hauled my mom to the local sporting good store to pick out a brand new pair of Rossignol skis, after having saved $60 the entire year (parents threw down the rest). I wish I still had those bad boys! The fun continued in Park City, Utah, where I attended high school and somehow talked that same mother into letting me end classes most Thursdays and Fridays by noon. 100+ days a year was always the goal and we usually hit at least that number. That 'bout brings us to the present day... (plus 10 or so more years...shhhhh).

So, when the Art Director of Photography for Skiing Magazine called recently to inform me that one of my images had been chosen as one of two "2009 Shots of the Year", you can imagine my excitement. Skiing is in my blood and photography is an extension of that. When I go out to shoot, I go with a passion to convey an emotion with help those who have never touched snow to know what it feels like to peer out your bedroom window before sunrise and see huge flakes floating to the earth; to be the first person in the lift line on a waist deep powder day and after an anxious ride up the mountain, float effortlessly through the white stuff, screaming at the top of your lungs 'cause your having so much fun. That's part of the motivation behind much of my imagery and the reason I love to shoot what I shoot.

Thanks mom and dad! Thanks Skiing Magazine! And thanks to athlete Jared Allen!

A great ski image is only as good as the Athlete involved and huge props go to Athlete, Jared Allen for his pristine form and huge air. Jared is not only a phenomenal skier, but a fantastic designer and one of the coolest guys on the mountain. Check out more of his skiing at

Tech stuff:
Canon 5D Mark II - 1/640th, f/10, ISO 500
Lens: Fisheye 15mm
Lighting: Natural (diffused ambient)

Location: Snowbasin, Utah


Dennis Pike said...

I'm fairly certain that there are a few shots of me at that age that match perfectly. Luckily I picked up a snowboard a few years later!

Congrats on the shot, it is indeed a great one!

Randy Frost Photography said...

Killer image, whats on the tips of his skies? Are they skulls, if not they should be, considering the air time he carried.

Now for true snow fun, strap on an M1000 bored over with Burandt leading the line up the mountain or blasting through the pines after a fresh dumping.

Wait didn't you already do that?

Great job and congrats on the tear sheet.

Sledge said...

Nice Kevin, way to go. you don't know me by sledge but we have played rock band together at your place. congrats!

AdamBarkerPhotography said...

Nice Kevin. Such a killer shot. Good on ya.

Mary said...

Congratulations to Kevin and Jared!
Outstanding!! Keep it up!

Kevin Winzeler Photography said...

@Dennis - The scan kinda killed (or enhanced depending on your take) that picture of me, but it was fun to dig up recently nonetheless.

@Randy - Thanks man! It's a K2 ski and yeah, I believe the graphic is a skull of sorts.

@Sledge - Rockband? Give me some more details...

Thanks Adam and Mary.

George Loch said...

This is a sweet shot. Congratz on the selection and it was great to meet you today.

Don and Amy Bennion said...

Truly impressive pic. I follow your site and blog regularly to see what you're up to. I'm frankly constantly amazed by your work. The shot is amazing! Congrats!!!