Dec 12, 2009

Follow your dreams! (Joe McNally: Letter to a Young Photographer)

Advice from Joe McNally to a young photographer (age 19) looking for direction... just in case you missed it.  It's well worth the read!

Here's a piece that really stuck out to me...

"One thing my dad did tell me, and it has echoed in my ears for a long time. He was the quintessential corporate man, a salesman, and in his later years, he became disgusted with the ways of his world, and told me on numerous occasions, “hang out your own shingle.” Which is what I have done, and been happy to have done. The jalopy called McNally Photography has transmission trouble, a couple of flat tires, and not all the cylinders fire, but it still moves, and I drive it where I want to go. There is a great deal of value and satisfaction in that, as I look back. I’m still standing, and lots of others fell away or played it safe or never tried."



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Darrell said...

"...or never tried." That's all I needed to read!