May 20, 2010

5D Mark II shoots the Season Finale of "House". Greg Yaitanes interview.

Phillip Bloom interviews the Director and producer of of the hit TV series House, Greg Yaitanes, in this interview.  The fact that the director of a major TV series decides to shoot it's season finale (not just parts of an episode) is unreal.  As photographers and film makers, we have access to an unbelievable number of tools to tell and share stories.  Exciting times ahead folks!

It sounds like the Canon primes won on set along with a couple of zooms to ease the transition of shooting different focal lengths.  Of note were the 50 f/1.2, 85 f/1.2, 100mm Macro (used in the opening sequence below) and 70-200 f/2.8 II.

There's a good discussion happening over at Cinema 5D on the topic and hopefully we'll see some behind the scenes footage and further discussion soon.

If you missed the show this week, download an HD version at the iTunes store.

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