Jul 19, 2010

Tour de France - Big Picture (photography)

ONLY in the TOUR...

Photo courtesy: Bogdan Cristel
I try to frequent the Boston Globe "Big Picture" at least once every few weeks to take in stories from around the world.  I was stoked to see shots from the first half of the Tour de France as I opened the page this morning.  If you've never watched a stage of the biggest bike race in the world, do yourself a favor and check out one of the mountain stages (Pyrenees) over the next three days.  You'll see both epic battles on the steep mountain slopes and some of the craziest folk you've ever laid eyes on.  Check all 40 out here

After checking out the link, let us know which are your favorite images (first, second, third).  Also, whether or not you're a cyclist and if you've watched any of the race either this year or in the past.


I had an absolute blast shooting a few of the stages during the 2006 Tour de France, including the Prologue (opening time trial) in Strasbourg France.
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RE Mandsager said...

Great set of images - my favorite? http://inapcache.boston.com/universal/site_graphics/blogs/bigpicture/tdf2010_07_16/t39_24340833.jpg

My wife & I love watching each stage of the tour (thanks to DVR!) - we're amazed at what these gifted athletes can do on a bike!

Dennis Pike said...

#1 was definitely my favorite image.

I'm not a cyclist. I like to ride, but am by no means a cyclist. Never really watch the tour de france. Although the stamina is insanely impressive

Tenho Mikkolainen Photography said...

Image #1 very powerful, definitely my favorite. it's amazing how the rider in middle with white shirt just pops out from the crowd.

#2 image not bad either, tells well the intensity of the race, spectators enthusiasm and sheer power and hardness of race.