Aug 11, 2010

Hey Photographers..."A little bit more"

"Four short words sum up what has lifted most successful individuals above the crowd: a little bit more. They did all that was expected of them and a little bit more." ~A. Lou Vickery~

As photographers, how about a little bit more...
~Time working a composition.
~Patience for better light.
~Delivery to our clients.
~Interest in the people we are photographing.
~Appreciation of the great photographers before us.
~Thoughtfulness about why we shoot what we shoot.
~Decision about picking locations.
~Confidence in our personal vision.

What would you add from your experience?

-Kevin Winzeler
Sports and Fitness Photographer


Red Clover said...

A good reminder in photography, and life. A little bit more. It seems space would open up in life, because we would be operating in more quality and permanence, so the half-shod, and "it'll have to do" would be replaced by something more powerful and lasting. Nice thought Kevin.

Blue Creek said...

The goal of a photographer is not to change the subject, but for the subject to change the photographer. ~Author Unknown.

I have always loved this quote. Some of my best photographs are taken when I feel emotions toward the subject, location or activity. If I end up with a friendship, more knowledge or some other feeling toward or with the subject the shoot was a success. All of this takes our BEST self.

Squeak Photography said...

photography illustrates everything and it simply, shows true moments. I mean creating something that looks perfect.