Dec 10, 2010

CarboRocket - Winner of the Photo Shoot Giveaway

And the winner is....CarboRocket!

As many of you know, we had a plethora of great entries into the photo shoot giveaway.  I'm pleased to announce that after much deliberation and research into each of these organizations, we've come to a decision on the winning company for the photo shoot.  Congratulations to founder and owner Brad Keyes and CarboRocket! We look forward to creating some epic imagery for your company Brad.

For those unfamiliar with this company (as I was), just take a quick read of Brad's story and you'll become quite curious about who this guy is and what this little company is all about.  I was rolling on the ground laughing after the first paragraph:   In his words: "I'm kind of a wimp. My wife hates to admit it but she's married to a delicate man. Sure, I like to punish myself on day long rides and can be found racing my mountain bike nearly every weekend all summer long. I like to think I'm tough. I'm not." -- finish the story here

I conversed with Brad via email multiple times during the decision process and was really impressed with his vision, love and passion for the outdoors and desire to help people get out there and live an active lifestyle.  As I told Brad, I also have a soft spot for anyone that takes a risk by going out on their own and doing what they love which he as done with this company.   In a brutally competitive market (think Gatorade, Energy Drinks, Hammer, Powerbar, etc.), he's serving up a product that is getting rave reviews and helping both the elite athlete as well as the average Joe (me) stay hydrated and refueled from a product filled with natural ingredients and not a bunch of sugar and chemical non-sense.  He mentioned the company is at a tipping point where if they can pick up a few key distributors there's potential to reach thousands of retailers nation-wide.  We hope photo shoot will get you on your way to landing those big distributors Brad!

As this blog entry goes live, we'll be informing CarboRocket of the good news!  For all the Photographers out there interested in the BTS goods, we'll also be taking you behind the scenes showing you the photo shoot from pre-production to the big day, so stick with us for some fun times ahead.


Michael said...

It's times like these I wish I owned and "outdoor" company. What a sweet prize! I look forward to the results.

dug said...

can't think of a more deserving guy or company. in an era of hot air and posers, brad is the real deal and carborocket delivers what he says.

kudos to you for getting involved.

Anonymous said...

Kevin, Thank you, thank you, thank you! It's going to be a blast and I cannot wait.

dug, that may be the nicest thing you've ever said. Almost brought a tear to my eye. Almost.

Cameron said...

Glad to see a deserving winner. The product is great! We are excited to the see the results. Do your magic Kevin.

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Anonymous said...

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