Aug 31, 2010

Shoot for the "COVER".

Recently a fitness magazine editor contacted me for a cover image in an upcoming magazine (Which was a fantastic change from the otherwise obsurd submission process, but I digress).  After selecting a sending a few options over, he came back to congratulate me on the cover shot for an upcoming publication.  I was stoked!

After thinking for a bit about what makes a cover image, I came to the conclusion that photographing for the "cover" is a mentality; a mentality that dictates that every time I pick up the camera and head out to shoot, I'm going to deliver the best possible work I'm capable of, a cover image if you will.  However you define that term "cover", the mentality is the same.  Maybe you dream about displaying your first panoramic print in a gallery or delivering a stellar bridal image to a client or taking a genuine portrait of your grandparents.  In my mind those are your "covers".  Remember there's only one cover image at the end of the day.  So what does that panoramic print look like?  What's the composition, lighting, subject matter and moment? However you define it, I'll bet your next shoot will take on new meaning and purpose if you decide to shoot a "cover" that day. It's the mentality I take to commercial shoots.  It's also the mentality I define my personal work by.  It's what helps me push my photography and film further each day.  So go get it!  Your cover shot, that is!

Tech:  5D II, 70-200 @ f/2.8, 580EX II and shoot through umbrella.  Edited via Lightroom 3

Advertising and fitness photographer: Kevin Winzeler
Model: Caroline Gleich

Aug 11, 2010

Hey Photographers..."A little bit more"

"Four short words sum up what has lifted most successful individuals above the crowd: a little bit more. They did all that was expected of them and a little bit more." ~A. Lou Vickery~

As photographers, how about a little bit more...
~Time working a composition.
~Patience for better light.
~Delivery to our clients.
~Interest in the people we are photographing.
~Appreciation of the great photographers before us.
~Thoughtfulness about why we shoot what we shoot.
~Decision about picking locations.
~Confidence in our personal vision.

What would you add from your experience?

-Kevin Winzeler
Sports and Fitness Photographer