May 4, 2011

Tell good stories. Forget the gear.

At times we forget that it's the stories (not the gear) that inspire thought, provoke action and rekindle love.  Well told stories through both photograph and film open our eyes and hearts to the possibilities around.  New gear inspires us to spend money. :)

Thanks to DP and film maker Shane Hurlbut for this reminder - "Story is what matters most, not the tools.  When I read a script for the first, second and third time I do not think about my responsibilities as a filmmaker, they are always at the back of my mind but not the go to reflex. I love experimenting with new technology. It’s like being a pioneer such as Lewis and Clarke, navigating the uncharted waters, or being the first man on the moon. But this is only a means to an end. You are trying to tell a story with images that enable people from around the world to share in that experience."  More of Shane's post here

-Kevin Winzeler
Commercial Photographer and Film maker

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