Nov 7, 2011

Hawaii Photography and Timelapse

I'm on vacation this week in Oahu, Hawaii and in theory "away from the camera" for a few days, but that's nearly impossible to do in practice.  While I am away from the commercial photography routine, I can't help but get out and shoot some beautiful scenic and landscape imagery while here.  Look for updates to this post with new photos and possibly some film or at least time lapse shots during the stay.  Points of interest to include The north shore beaches and surfing, Pali Lookout, Makapu'u beach and point, Waikiki, Diamond head, Honolulu, Pearl Harbor and more.  I'll also add that although Oahu is spectacular, I must say Maui, Kauai and the big Island are even more amazing.  If you are planning a trip, particularly a photography trip and choosing one island, go for Kauai!

For starters, here's a time lapse photography sequence from the Pali highway.

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aFeinPhoto said...

no no, send people to maui ;)