Jan 25, 2012

Mount Superior in Utah - Free HD Wallpaper/Background for Skiers!

So if you love Winter in the mountains, but are stuck in the office right now, staring at some boring picture on your monitor, check in below for a FREE wall paper download and mount this photo directly to your display for a pseudo vaca-chion!   Or feel free to slap it up as your background on your 60" HD TV when you get home.

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Download the wallpaper:
1080p HDTV Skiing Wallpaper - download here
iPad/iPhone Skiing Wallpaper - download here
4K Resolution Timelapse: available for license, just shoot me an email.  (Seeing the clouds dance around the mountain peaks and up the canyon is spectacular in full time-lapse format).

*Please note: downloads are for personal use ONLY.  If you want to use this photo for commercial or editorial purposes or want a huge signed print for your wall, let's talk!

About: Yesterday was an absolutely stunningly, gorgeous (and every other adjective you can think of) bluebird day up little cottonwood canyon.  After some much needed snowfall the sun came out to play and I spent the morning skiing and shooting a bit of active lifestyle photography as well as soaking in the beauty around me with some more casual scenic and timelapse photography.  So here's my "shot of the day" from the adventures; the beautiful Mount Superior as seen from Snowbird and Alta Ski resorts in the cottonwood canyons of Utah.

It's up on my screen right now:


BuyWoWAccount said...

Must be fun to take this shot. This is stunning!

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Anonymous said...

I like the shoot but feel it could do with more sky up top, it feels slightly compressed. For images like this do you sometimes use autofocus or is it all manual? An avid high school photographer who admires you work,

Kevin Winzeler Photography said...

@Anon - Thanks for that and I agree with you. I had a different version posted, but now have the original up for you to view; with the extra headroom :). Keep shooting!