Mar 5, 2012

Timelapse Photography: Sunset on Mount Timpanogos in Black and White

I feel so grateful to live in such a beautiful part of the world.  Literally within five minutes of my house I can be shooting one of the most stunning mountain ranges in the world; the Wasatch mountains of Utah and the Mount Timpanogos peak.

It was right after a snowstorm last week that I peered out the window for a split second to catch a glimpse of the clouds moving out and completely giving way to blue skies and snowcapped mountain peaks.  I quickly grabbed my camera, jumped in my car and rushed up the mountain just in time to snag this timelapse of the sun setting on Timp.  For me, the black and white conversion and choice to not include audio/music left me to completely immersed in the visual beauty of this mountain.

-Kevin Winzeler
Photographer | Filmaker 


El capitan Insaneo said...

Great shot!

Oliver RR said...

I love your timelapse work. I have made one attempt so far - on a trip to Vermont where the wind blew so hard that it knocked my camera and tripod over. I grabbed it just before it hit the ground laughing at the continuing clicking of the shutter as it tilted into the air(and because I didn't destroy my camera.) Although it is not evident in your video above, I cannot figure out how to capture the transition of day to night. Do you use ND grads and then just remove them once the light balances in twilight? Eventually I will just try it, but the internet seems lacking on info of this Timelapse "Holy Grail" as well. Anyhow, beautiful work.