Sep 5, 2008

Interbike, Las Vegas!

I'm fairly confident that at birth, instead of rolling down the hospital hallways in one of those scary plastic cribs, I was instead, quite happily cruising around on a bike. Basically, I've been pretty addicted to bikes since a young age; big bikes, little bikes, single speed bikes, multi speed bikes, dirt bikes, mountain bikes, road bikes, trials bikes, bikes with shocks and bikes get the point. As long as it had two wheels (never really got into the unicycle thing), I was good to go. In fact, I raced a bit of downhill, cross-country and trials riding back in the day. The technical aspects of observed trials riding became the real passion and so of course I have to throw in a trials shot from a Lake Tahoe trip a few years back (Photo: Stephanie Winzeler):

(Photo story: I came up six inches short on the landing and shuttlecocked my way off both rocks and into a shallow pool of water (rider left)-- if you want the whole sequence, 6 shots total, drop me an email -- A broken left wrist brought a quick end to the trip)

So not only am I stoked to be headed down to the worlds largest bicycle trade show (Interbike in Vegas), but equally excited to meet several of the large companies and bring a little sizzle into their marketing and advertising line-up for next year. Stay tuned for a few on-location shoots with behind the scenes footage and in the meantime, get out and RIDE!

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