Oct 21, 2008

Autumn. Wow.

The past week or two has been a much needed break from the commercial routine of emails, location scouting, art direction, and deadlines! Instead, i've been spending time in the magnificently beautiful and peaceful outdoors. One of these days I should actually leave the camera behind and really take a break, but the Fall season is not the time for that. Yes, as I'm sure you're well aware, the change of seasons is in full swing, the colors are gorgeous and it's the time of year I always hope will last much longer than it does. The Wasatch mountains stand as a back-drop to some of the most beautiful landscape photography anywhere. Before the Autumn rests for a season, you should definitely take a day off and enjoy!


Any Girl said...

Your pictures are so beautiful!!! Wow! It's not that it's a surprise at all, but it's always great to see what you will shoot next. Beautiful!

Shannon said...

Amazing photos!

Becky & Weston said...

Kevin...I bow to your brilliance. You need to enlighten me with some of your technics. Signed - One of your greatest fans!