Feb 5, 2009

Roll out the Crash Test Dummies...Please (Corporate Photography)

I don't know of any photographer that wouldn't jump at the chance to do an advertising photography shoot involving a crash test dummy. Collision Safety Engineering (CSE), a niche company with a big name in the industry of accident reconstruction came knocking along side Eli Kirk creative agency, a few weeks back. In a nutshell these guys get hired to defend the likes of car manufacturers Mercedes-Benz, Acura, Toyota, Volkswagon and most of the other big dogs when a law suit is brought against them. They've been around forever and have a reputation that precedes them when discussing any court case involving large sums of money, accident victims, and top tier car manufacturers. So what's to not to like...eh? Fire up a few SL-Class Mercedes-Benz, throw a dummy or two into the front seats and send her screaming at 50 mph into a brick wall. And while your at it CSE, do any of your recent recontructions involve vehicles with faulty gas tanks? Just curious...hehe. Blowing stuff up for pictures, especially $100k + vehicles would be quite an enjoyable day of on the job advertising photography if you ask me! Okay, before I get too much further into this fable, the dummy never made it into any action shots sadly enough. As much fun as we had talking with the folks at CSE about all of the action shot possibilities, we decided the art direction needed to remain in the realm of professional, on-the-job portraiture. However, the promise for our next shoot, (crossing fingers) involves gasoline, dummies, and something speeding along at 40 mph+!

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