May 8, 2009

Taking pictures at 2 years old

Personal post coming your way today from a little Father and Son work day.

Graham: "Daddy, I go to work, you stay here"

[graham marches down the stairs to our home studio for "his" day of work. I follow him very curious to see what he'll do once he gets to 'work'. He summons me into the room and over to the white backdrop and commences to direct me]

Graham: "I take pictures and you play around"
Dad: "Okay Graham, I'll play with Thomas and Woody while you take some pictures little bud"

[Graham picks up the Canon 40D with 35mm f1.4 L series lens and starts shooting away. And yes, at two years old he knows how to turn the camera, press the shutter button and look at the pictures. He then squints both eyes as tight as he can and puts his face up to the viewfinder, grabs the camera with his little hands and puts his index finger right on the trigger and starts to snap away]

His favorite subjects are: Anything his little sister "abs" is doing, TV, ceiling and overhead lights, and anything that moves (cars, bikes, motorcycles).

Proud Dad!


Sally said...

That's really fun Kevin. Thanks.

SkiMoab (Dave) said...

Do you have any of the shots that he took? I'm sure there had to be a few surprises in there.

Natasha said...

VERY fun! I'm impressed he can hold the camera without dropping it!

Kevin Winzeler :: said...

Thanks everyone. I do have a few shots I'll have to post until we start his own 'photo blog'