May 18, 2009

Kevin Winzeler Photography :: Behind the Scenes Photo Shoot :: Major League Soccer Team, RSL

Hey Folks:
I'm finally getting this little video of our Real Salt Lake Soccer shoot uploaded for all to check out. This shoot goes back a couple of months, but it was fun to look back on an exciting media day with the RSL team as we shot a series of full body portraits and player headshots. A huge thanks to the RSL players, Marketing Folks (Davy Ratchford & Ben Evjen) as well as Christian Hall and Spy Guys crew for their behind the scenes footage and final edit of our day at Rio Tinto Stadium.

For those photogs interested in some of the techy stuff, including lighting configs and set-ups, I'll save you a few play/pause mouse clicks and deliver the good below. Feel free to drop me a line at for more details.

Profoto Acute 1200 (2 heads) - one strobe into beauty dish w/diffuser sock for hair light, one strobe as background light (Head Shots)
Profoto 7B pack w/ Ring flash for fill light (Full Body Portaits)
Profoto 600r x2 w/20 degree grids for some kicker lights (all shots)
Canon 580EXII x 2 (added strip light on side)
Canon 5D Mark II
Pocket wizards x 4 (a few built into Profoto packs)
Lots of CF Memory and a good playlist in itunes
Gatorade bucket full of water w/spray bottle for star player headshots

For the "intense" headshots with nasty, gritty, sweat dripping off of the players faces :-), we went to a second lighting set-up with the gridded lights located about 7 feet back and at a 45 degree angle to each player for strong highlights while a beauty dished strobe was located overhead about 4 feet from the player and dialed down about a stop and half or so. See more player shots from the MLS shoot here: Kevin Winzeler Photography

Check out more Behind the scenes videos coming soon...

Basic light config


Jason said...

whatever winz.

Bethany said...

Sweet Kev. The pictures look incredible. I know you said how intense the shoot would be but looks like you rocked it. cant wait to see more.

Shannon said...

Love it! So fun to watch the "behind the scenes" action.

SkiMoab (Dave) said...

That was sick man, really cool to see you at work. The shots turned out amazing.

Kevin Winzeler :: said...

Thanks everyone!

Nicolas said...

Hi ! I've discovered your work some days ago and really like it. I like how you lit and that's what I want to try in sport photography. Congrats.

Jason said...

I know you are busy dude, but we need more blog posts.

Kevin Winzeler :: said...

I'm working on it J. I've got about 10 behind the scenes videos to post if you want to do some editing