Mar 29, 2010

2010 PhotoCamp Utah: On-location Photography. SCOUT. LIGHT. CREATE

Participating in this years PhotoCamp Utah was an absolute blast!

Photographers! - If you weren't able to attend this years PhotoCamp, I'd highly recommend getting on board for 2011. Just make sure you register early (like within the first 6 hours of registration opening). I guess there were 400+ people on the waiting list this year which doesn't surprise me given the dirt cheap price ($15) for a solid day of all things photography. It was a packed day of excellent presentations and networking opportunities as well as a final Keynote address by Zack Arias, which rocked the house. Thanks for making the trip out Zack!

Photograph: stitched pano shot during my "On-Location" presentation (minute 11:01) while showing recycle time of the Ranger.

I presented toward the beginning of the day and was stoked to see so many people interested in learning about photography on-location as well as lighting. We had 60-70 people crammed into a smallish room all anxious to share and learn. Check out the presentation below and the slides here: Photography and Lighting On-Location
 I'd love to continue the Q&A session as well.  Please chime in with any questions, comments and your experiences with location work, scouting and lighting.

A HUGE thanks to all the people behind the scenes that pulled this thing off (Jeremy, Ann and crew)! Until next year...


Advertising Photographer in Utah


Christy said...


Thanks for posting this. I would love to make it out to more seminars/workshops/talks but I'm a grad student with a full course load and a full-time UNPAID internship (fun-times). I've been paying my way through grad-school with photography, and I'd much rather go to a photography workshop than a school counseling workshop (my area of grad study). I follow blogs to find inspiration and learn, Thank you so much for sharing. No thank you for providing procrastination fuel for my paper writing!! haha.

It was great to hear that you were working with a point and shoot seven years ago, and then bumped up to the 20D five years ago... same here. I've got the 5D mkII in the mail right now.

I have a big favor and business question. Do you have a spreadsheet that you have created to manage your photography business. I have one created but it is too simple and isn't working well for me. basically it is money in (paid jobs)... and money out (gear, website,expenses). Do you have a program that you use? or do you have a excel spreadsheet? Looking for a solution for organizing the dough flow!

Thank you so much for sharing your incredible talent. You provide inspiration and procrastination!

Adam Coppola
Madison, CT

Adam Coppola said...

whoops... left the last post under my fiance's google identity.

Adam Coppola
Madison, CT

Kevin Winzeler said...

Hey Adam,

You bet! Glad I could provide a break (or a...detour) from your studies. Good for you for paying your way through Grad school with photos as well. Excellent stuff.

I manage my business finances through Quickbooks Pro and if your making money with your photography would highly recommend you doing the same thing. I'm running the 2007 version which has plenty of tools for what I need. You could probably find an older version '07-'09 on ebay for relatively cheap. It's the best way to A) manage your business and B) to hand off to your accountant at tax time; a HUGE time saver. Spreadsheets can work, but become a serious pain as your business grows and make tracking sales, expenses and forecasting difficult.

I do use spreadsheets for goal management, annual scheduling and maintaining contact lists. They work well for those items.

Keep shooting and you'll thoroughly enjoy the 5D II, congrats!