Apr 5, 2010

Be Inspired. Find your creativity.

Pictage Films put out this nice little piece on creativity. The interviewees hit it out of the park on a few points as far as I'm concerned:

"The best thing about deadlines is that it forces our creativity to come to the surface" - Blake Howard
"The main feeling I go through when I'm writing a new song is...this sucks!" - Nick Kirk
"When you have a story that needs to be told, you can't help but go out and make it (tell it). If you were to say no, you're doing yourself and others a disservice...you're walking away from the muse that says you need to go make this and it's important that you make this...every film maker, photographer and writer..." - Brandon McCormick

Creativity for me, is a lot like what is described by these individuals. As a photographer, creating images that I feel good about requires an immense amount of hard work, while forcing myself to set deadlines and editing out all the images that "suck". The majority of us out there work hard to develop creativity.
If I put myself in an environment to be creative and by that I mean, always shooting, studying, listening, collaborating, and repeating, I'll improve as an artist and individual.  The "environment" is not a geographic location (i.e. Borders Cafe) where creativity flows continuously, but rather the entire process of WORK.

So keep working!

I'm curious to hear what your creative process is? Chime in below:

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    Jim Cochrane said...

    I have a cartoon pinned up within arms reach, it is kinda like everyones creative worry, it is a Ian Baker piece from the Spectator a couple of ladies having a smoke and a coffee in a cafe "They say there is a novel in all of us, but mine turned out to be just a pamphlet on grouting."