Apr 12, 2010

Recent work in Print | Photography

It's time for a quick post with some recent photography that went to press; including a couple of magazine covers, ads and campaign work.  It's always fun to see how an image you photograph translates into print.

-Kevin Winzeler


TravisJ said...

Thats got to be rewarding. Congratulations.

Melissa Coates said...

Looks great, Kev! Keep up the good work!!

Andy Cuadra said...

Kevin- great work and congrats on your campaigns.

Adam said...

Nice Kevin! Gettin er done!

Jeremy said...

Nice - I love the trailrunner cover... very cool.

BTW - still working on Alaska - possible workshop the 2nd week!

B.Doran said...

Awesome to finally see the Hoyt stuff. And the spreads for TownHouse look amazing!!

Kevin Winzeler said...

Much appreciated everyone!

Frozen Forever Photography said...

I love your dramatic style. How do you land commercial clients? Are you still out knocking on doors or do they just come looking for you? Did you ever have any luck doing "cold sales" approach or were you getting gigs because you had an inside connection?

I cant think of any jobs I have every had were I didnt know someone working for the company.


Kevin Winzeler said...

Hey Grady,

A little of both to be honest. I do my fair share of knocking/calling, but the inside "warm" lead is always the better path to take if you have it. Network in your market or potential market and put out great work that will spread. You can't ignore either for very long. Feel free to drop me a line or call and we can discuss more specifically.


Canberra Photography said...

Hello Kevin,

Congratulation for getting published your work.
Those all were truly wonderful pics from you.
Congrats again!!

Darrell said...

Awesome - especially the last tent shot! Much better than my job, at which I take pictures of death scenes all day long. You are a blessed man.

Frozen Forever Photography said...

Hey Kevin,
I dropped you an email a few weeks back from the link on your web page. I just wanted to make sure you recieved it and there wasnt a problem with the link. I fully understand if you have been busy and havent found the time to respond.

Take care,