Sep 29, 2010

Time Lapse Test - Telephone Poll under Moon Light

I was out testing some time lapse the other night in front of our local grocery store of all places and saw this interesting composition.  We've essentially got a two light set-up going on :)...a mixture of moon light (creating a rim light) and street lamps (creating some funky warm glow - probably @ a WB of 15 kagillion kelvin).

View an HD (high res) version here: Telephone Poll Time Lapse

The clip is a total of 150 shots combined at 24fps to create motion.

Tools to make it happen:
Canon 5D Mark II
Lens: Canon 24-105 @ 105mm
10 second exposure

The first image of the sequence was processed in Adobe Lightroom 3 the settings shown below.  The settings were then synced across all 150 Raw images and brought into Adobe After Affects to give it motion.  Each image was sped up and cut to 24p courtesy of AE guru Ben Unguren.

-Kevin Winzeler


Anonymous said...

Sweet sequense!!

Sean McCormack ( has a plug in so you can output time lapse as video right out of lightroom! No AE needed. I use it and it workes fine.

Shawn Chamberlin said...

great job man, love how you're thinking out of the box. i wouldn't have thought to do something like that, but i think the change in light and composition really make an interesting sequence.