Nov 9, 2010

Kelly Slater and 10 World Titles - What's your focus in Photography and Film?

This clip inspires me for a couple of reasons and wanted to share with you:  First, my heart goes out to good friends for the loss of one of their close buddies and surf legend, Andy Irons.  He will be missed!
Second, top athletes, people and businesses have an unyielding focus on a very specific goal.  Whether it's a championship ring, winning a world title in surfing or launching a new product to first position in the marketplace, the drive and focus are the same.  It's a pretty simple formula; set a goal and focus acutely until it's accomplished.

There's of course an irony I must mention in the two things that strike me about this clip; sometimes when we lose something in life, like those closest to us (family and friends), our priorities shift and so does the focus we've worked so hard to achieve.  What seemed like everything in life can in an instant become hollow and empty.  This process has happened on occasion to me and as a result helped refine my 'focus' on the goals that matter most.  There is however a difference between shifting our focus to find a better balance and being unfocused altogether.  We all need a kick to the backside once in a while and people like Mr. Slater usually inspire us to get up, move and work toward whatever the goal is we hope to achieve.

Let's hear your thoughts!?

-Kevin Winzeler
Advertising Photographer and Director of Photography

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