Nov 15, 2010

Live in Utah, Work at Adobe: Commercial, Film: Director of Photography

The Adobe Company approached me recently to help shoot a commercial/film highlighting all that the State of Utah has to offer as a place to work, live and play.  My first thought was along the lines of, "We're going to need feature film length time to showcase this amazing State and we still won't get to northern Utah (think Moab, Arches, Lake Powell, Zion, Bryce...phew)."  Of course, I was ecstatic with the opportunity not only because I love where I live and work, but also because of the creative freedom I had on this project and the chance to shoot more motion and video; something I've been pushing into much more intensely this past year.  As a photographer and film maker, I have images in my mind that I look forward to shooting when the time is right, and this was one of those times.

We made the most of our key locations and worked with local talent for most outdoor, sports and lifestyle shots to nail down the key shots within our deadline and budget.  I also pulled out some more seasonal imagery (i.e. Lake Powell, Winter) I'd shot prior to help supplement the story line as well.  I also had the chance to play both director and director of photography during the project which was an absolute blast.  The nightlife, education and technology imagery was done in a more run and gun style, which I'll get to in later posts.

Props also go to CMG for their work shooting part of the piece (a joint effort) including some of the interviews and other landscape footage.  And a huge thanks to BenC, the man with vision and for tying it all together!  

Upcoming blog posts will detail my favorite shots, including behind the scenes video.  Don't miss the helmet cam footage and one of the most unusual underwater chest rigs that has ever been devised for the water ski shots at Deer Creek.  Stay tuned.

Watch in Full HD here: Living in Utah, Working at Adobe

For the gear heads out there, here is most of what I used.  Feel free to write in the comments section with any specific questions.

Canon 5D Mark II
Canon 7D at both 24p and 60p
GoPro HD

Lenses (all Canon):
35 f/1.4
45 Tilt/shift f/2.8
85 f1.8
135 f/2
100mm Macro
400mm f/5.6

70-200 f2.8
16-35 f/2.8
24-105 f/4

Support, Focus and other key elements: 
Bogen/Manfrotto Tripod535/536 & 504 Head
Glidecam HD4000
Handheld shots with Redrock Micro Captain Stubling
PVC Dolly System (not sure what brand)
EWA housing
Tiffen ND Filters (1-7 stop 77mm IRND) for those silky smooth, shallow depth of field shots.
Long board - as in the kind you ride, for fun. Or for a quick and cheap dolly move


Natasha said...

Great job! I want to move to Utah and work for Adobe now! : )

Jared said...

Awesome work as usual. Lots of shots in that one.

Jason McGrew said...

That video is out of this world! I love living in utah!!

Dan said...

Very cool! Nicely done

Jared said...

PHENOMENAL job! I had no idea Utah was so cool. :)

Schafer Photography said...

wow! You really made Utah look cool!

Gregory said...

Nicely done, Kevin. I did my UC-Berkeley MBA summer internship at Adobe, so it is was fun to see what you put together for them. Adobe really is a great place to work.