Oct 11, 2011

Autumn in Utah - Outdoor Photography and Video

Today, I took a much needed break from the commercial photography routine to enjoy some fresh Autumn air in my own backyard.  The fall foilage is in full swing along one my of favorite drives in Northern Utah and I was able to snag a couple of images during the morning outing.  My primary focus was on the details using a mix of 100mm macro with Kenko extension tubes (for > 1:1 magnification) and 70-200mm with 1.4TC for some tight 280mm frames.   During use of this set-up I was manually focusing toward the blue sky on a tight group of leaves and noticed that as I pulled focus back and forth the leaves took on an abstract shape almost like a group of birds taking flight!  Check it out - image #4 below (click on the image to enlarge). I love those subtle discoveries that come when we patiently work a location.

I'm excited to see a few of these printed large!  Speaking of...all images are indeed available as signed, fine art prints as well as available to license for commercial and stock purposes.  Get in on the goods!  You can also find more Autumn stock photography also in print.

I also shot motion and video clips of many of the still images, both slider and locked off shots (single 17 second clip to kick things off below).

-Kevin Winzeler

Tech details:
Motion Clips: Shot on 5DII supported by Sachtler Cine DSLR Tripod/Head and Kessler Slider.
Photography: Shot on 5DII supported by Gitzo sticks.



Bethany Brower said...

beautiful shots, Kev!

Jillyan Sawyer said...

Wow! Beautiful photos! It makes me want to travel to Utah right now!