Oct 3, 2011

Photographing the Ocean and Water.

I love to photograph in and around water!  There's always a sense of movement, energy and activity that makes me feel alive and excited to pull out the camera and shoot.  Here's a few images that struck me as I was pulling some stuff together for a printed portfolio recently.  Most of these pictures were shot during two separate trips to the Hawaiian islands, both in Oahu, the Big island and Kauai.  Let's see some of your favorite water shots.


Seth said...

Kevin, I love your shots of water. Especially the curling waves on the left. Here's some of my favorite water shots.

I went kayaking from island to island with my dad in the largest lake in the world (Lake Superior) This is the scene as we were leaving the town of Bayfield and the swells were growing. http://stotia.com/2010/11/leaving-bayfield/

Recent product photo of waterproof phone technology: http://stotia.com/2011/09/liquipel-water-photography/

Kevin Winzeler Photography said...

Thanks Seth. Those are some excellent shots!