Dec 8, 2011

Published in Print: Editorial + Commercial Photography

Here are a few photographs that I'm finally either able to post or just getting some time to post.  Either way, it's always a pleasure to see both the editorial and commercial photography go to print.  A sincere thank you to athletes, models, crew and clients for making these shots happen!  Hit me below with any questions you have about behind the scenes or anything else that comes to mind!

Fuse Archery |  Catalog Cover 2011
Hoyt Archery | Opening Catalog Spread 2011
Hoyt Archery | Catalog Cover 2011
Location: Wasatch Mountains, Utah
Alpinist Magazine | Contents Page Opener
Athlete: Kara Bankhead
Location: Indian Creek, Utah
University of Phoenix | Cover / Inside story
About: Christoph Malzl
Client: Real Salt Lake

Client: Skiing Magazine
Location: Snowbird, Utah
Client: University of Utah | Salt Lake International Airport
Skiing Location: Solitude, Utah
Athlete: Jason West

Thanks for checking in...
Kevin Winzeler | Commercial Photographer

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