Dec 6, 2008

Pop quiz: Commercial Photo Shoot

Client YZY approaches you for some ideas on photographing their rustic furniture line in a completely unusual way.


A) Hire a few local celebrities to showcase the furniture Vana White style
B) Shoot casually in studio and post-process in a “completely unusual way”
C) Go on-location and place their several thousand dollar arm chairs hanging upside down in a tree and then again under a deserted freeway over-pass (in the snow)
D) Drop the furniture from a moving vehicle (or low-flying plane) and double your image use through sales to both the client and local highway safety group

I do love to fly airplanes (have a private license in my wallet in fact) and am pretty certain I could get some great images from a shoot with moving vehicles and furniture, but (C) is the correct answer on this particular photo shoot. Check out for more images:

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Any Girl said...

Kevin! i don't check your blog for a month and you go crazy! I love those pictures!!!! Fantastic! What did they think of them?