Jun 28, 2010

Inspiration Monday: Time Lapse Photography

I was entrenched in some research for a commercial photography project this past weekend and found this time lapse piece of the Eyjafjallajokull (er...volcano) eruption in Iceland especially inspiring.  Excellent work behind the lens Sean Stiegemeier!

Favorite shots:
:34 Composition from the road feels like I'm going into battle as well as the movement of the dead brush, dust and smoke.  It also looks like a reverse graduated filter effect was used in post to create the desaturated feel on the road.
:48 Epic volcano shot.  So much power.
1:33 Abandoned DC-3 plane! I want to travel to Iceland just to shoot this.  Either some clothing mfg or magazine needs to jump on this location for their next catalog.

The other cool thing about this piece:  Dude only had two days off of work, but headed out anyway (self-funded) and created something epic.  Message to self = stop making excuses and go shoot.

On the technical side of this type of stuff, you may recall a recent conversation I had with another fella about some of the techniques here.

Kudos to these guys for their passion and patience!  Besides giving me the travel bug, stuff like this inspires me to be a better photographer.

What inspires you lately?

-Kevin Winzeler


Dennis Pike said...

WOW! blown away. So cool, So well done. I am lazy and need to shoot something tonight just to not feel so bad about myself.

You think magazine ad for the plane wreck... I think bridal portraits... we both think "awesome"

Freddy said...

Very inspirational, and beautiful, it definitely fuels the need to create, and also the need to just get out and exercise, see and feel the world around you.