Jun 16, 2010

CreativeLive w/Zack Arias - Photography workshop worth buying!

This weeks all about giving a huge shout-out to music photographer and educator extraordinaire, mr. Zack Arias.  I met Zack while teaching a course during Photocamp Utah and was super impressed by not only his photography, but by his personality and philosophy in life.

In short, he just wrapped up a teaching a 3 day live workshop with the creativeLIVE folks and absolutely killed it!  If you can scrounge up a few bucks ($129 to be exact) I highly recommend picking up the nearly 20 hours of live footage on all things studio photography- CreativeLive Info.  Whether you've never picked up a flash in your life or are a seasoned pro, you'll get your money's worth.  I'm half way through the content and picking up some sweet tips and tricks as well as being entertained by one funny dude.  Thanks Zack and crew!

BTW - the classes are free if you tune in LIVE and so check out some of the upcoming stuff.

That's all!
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Dennis Pike said...

I was able to catch most of Day 3 and it was great. I met Zack at PDN last year and he was awesome, super nice and tolerant of a fanboy

tom wise said...

oh man...It is a b o u t time someone came along and put the fun and joy back into this arena!