Jun 24, 2009

Cannondale SuperSix Product + Still Life Photography // Commercial Photographer

As I venture inside to work on a few more studio projects lately, which I am quite enjoying, the challenge becomes creating something fresh and innovative when the backgrounds are typically a more static element of the overall image (black, white, grey). I'm definitely not one to bring in a bright assortment of back-drops to spice up an indoor scene, when I would much prefer to get out to an already 'spicy' location, preferably an unexplored one, and create something authentic. Studio product and still photography for me becomes an opportunity to push lighting techniques and nuances to a new level as well as refine what I already know. The new Cannondale Super Six road bike gave me a excellent opportunity to shoot a gorgeous product, in unexplored ways and not to mention a product that is just as much fun to use (ride) as it is to look at.

(I decided against breaking out the ever popular smoke machine on this shoot, as compared to the Orbea Bicycle product shoot we did last fall, but had just as much fun.)

We started off shooting some typical product shots like you'd find in a dealer catalog and then moved to more dramatic lighting scenarios to emphasize key features of the bike, including the lightest and stiffest cranks on the market, the Hollowgram SL BB30.

Cannondale is doing some pretty amazing things, including the introduction of one of these Hi-mode Super Six frames fully built up and rideable weighing in at 10.1 pounds! Are you kidding me. That's a only a pound more than my the weight of my first child at birth (throw a diaper on him and we'll call it even). Check out a little video with Cannondale Marketing director, Scott Struve, discussing the 10.1 pound Cannondale SuperSix at the Tour of California with Team Liquigas. Here are the specs and price of the bike in Decline Magazine in case you're ambitious and unaware of the ever increasing amount of starvation in the world; priced to sale at $15,000...yikes

For now, I'll happily settle for a 16 pound version for $2,800.

And now for a few photographs....

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