Jun 22, 2009

Mountain Bike Photography in Salt Lake City, UT: Dirt Rag Publication

The long-time mountain bike publication, Dirt Rag Magazine is currently on the shelves and fearturing a full spread image from a ride up on the Salt Lake City benches, called Bobsled. The image was shot just with rider Steve Lloyd using a 90mm tilt/shift on a full-frame camera (more tilt-shift photography. The Mountains are again ready and primed for some excellent mountain biking, so get out there and ride!

(note #1 - photos of the magazine and article via the new iPhone 3G S. As a photographer, I'm still not that impressed with the phones still photo capabilities of the iphone, but it's sure convenient and slowly improving. That said, the new video feature is absolutely awesome and opens up a new world of possibilities for sharing cool content. Look for some short films on the 3G S soon)

(note #2 - this is my first blog post exported and written within the Adobe Lightroom 2 software (LR2/Blog). I was stoked to come across a plugin that allowed me to export images and write a new blog post all within the same window. I'm experimenting currently, hence the tiny images, and once I'm sold, will donate to the project giving me access to exporting full size images)


SkiMoab (Dave) said...

Nice Kev, love that shot, glad to see they chose it.


I was stoked as well. Thanks Dave!

Scott Winzeler said...

Hey Kevin, This rock face on the cover of Dirt Rag looks similar to the one I bailed on up in Whistler - only the one I went down was about 60 feet in length.

www.KevinWinzeler.com said...

@Scott- That's classic. Glad you made it safely.