Nov 22, 2010

GIVEAWAY DAY 4 - Shimano XTR Pedals, Tech4o Watch, Clik Pack

LAST GIVEAWAY DAY: Get your fitness on!!!
*PLEASE NOTE! - To WIN, first nominate a company and then share this idea (link) with at least 10 PEOPLE you know (Facebook, Email, Etc.).  In the spirit of Thanksgiving :)
FIRST NAME DRAWN: -New 2011 Shimano PD-M980 XTR Pedals ($200)
SECOND NAME DRAWN: Clik Compact Sport Pack ($150)
THIRD NAME DRAWN: Tech4o Accelerator Carbon Watch ($70)

Here's how you win:
1) Think of a start-up company or non-profit organization in the fitness, outdoor or sports industry for the Grand Prize Giveaway - A fully paid, commercial Photo Shoot.
2) Write their name in the comments section and share this link with at least 10 more people (Facebook, Email, etc.)
3) Win cool gear!

More details (below):

Here's the scoop:  We want to help a new company or non-profit successfully get their name and product out into the marketplace by giving away a full blown commercial photo shoot - for free!  This will include everything from a preproduction phone call with the owners, directors or creative department to a full day of shooting with models and all the equipment necessary and lastly all post-production required to tie the shoot together.   I'm extremely excited to help a deserving organization out!

Now, In addition to this grand prize, we are doing a daily give-away just for nominating a company you think deserves this opportunity.  You can't nominate your own company (but a friend can).  To win, enter a new company name (no repeats  please).  The drawing will be at random at the end today at 10:00pm MST (12:00pm EST).  Please think of an organization or individual that is really deserving and fits the criteria mentioned above.   If they don't have a website or information, please tell us a little bit about them.

For anyone interested in getting involved either giving away something this week or participating in the shoot, please email me (info (at) with details.  I would love to see a Creative & art directors, models, assistants donate their time for this project.

Huge thanks to the ShimanoClik and Tech4o


Frozen Forever Photography said...

Utah Arts Alliance is a non-profit company that helps teach all art forms including dance, acting, and martial arts.

Keep up the good work Kevin.

Adam Coppola said...

I don't know if I'm able to nominate a charity more than once but If I can... I nominate Give A Bike, I will be riding through utah next summer.

If I can't nominate the same organization more than once I would nominate people for bikes. promoting bike friendly roads and routes in the US.

Thanks Kevin, I hope I win!

Adam Coppola

Kevin Winzeler Photography said...

PLEASE NOTE - TO BE ELIGIBLE TO WIN TODAY's GEAR, YOU MUST SHARE THIS BLOG LINK WITH AT LEAST 10 PEOPLE you know (FB, Email, Etc.). Please note in your comment that you have shared it.

Frozen Forever Photography said...

I linked on my facebook here.


Gregory said...

Common Ground Outdoor Adventures provides outdoor recreational opportunities for youth and adults with disabilities.

I posted your blog link on my Facebook.

Jride said...

Mountain Trails...Park City Utah. Non Profit trail advocate!

Sharing via Facebook.

Jride said...
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Scott Cowley said...

I nominate Premier Fitness Camp in Park City ( - doing complete live-in fitness boot camps for people that want to get their lives together.

Their owner was just talking to me about their need for photography to really highlight their facilities and the experience.

FYI, promoted the contest on Twitter (@scottcowley) and Facebook (

Sue Workman said...

Was SPLORE mentioned already?

Kevin - Not only is this a great thing you are doing but this has been very educational to see all the wonderful local charities out there...

Posted your link on my facebook page.

Jason McGrew said...

Alrighty.. so I know I have already nominated CarboRocket once, but I just love their product and they are going far!! So.. Carborocket it is..

I posted on facebook here:

Twitter here:
& here:

That Clik Elite back is calling my name!

Kevin Winzeler Photography said...

WHOA - the guys at Clik just through in another prize for the 3rd Name drawing - Trekker Waistpack - Check it out!

bonnie said...
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bonnie said...
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bonnie said...

I saw this on Ryan Baker's FBook page and I would like to nominate wheelchair Lacrosse. This organization gives those in wheelchairs one move avenue to be active!

mblitch said...

I nominate the Tampa domestic abuse shelter called 'The Spring'. I recently volunteered there to build a playground that would be used by temporarily housed families. I'm sure that besides exposure of the organization to let people know of services offered, families might otherwise love the distraction.

The blog link has been shared per the T&C.

Jessie said...

I would like to nominate Wheelchair Lacrosse. Wheelchair lacrosse is the newest full contact adaptive sport since quad rugby started in 1977.

This is am amazing organization, I would love to see them win.

Thank you,

Jessica Nelson

I posted this blog on on my facebook wall and sent an email to those in my address book.


Wheelchair Lacrosse has found a way to bring the sport of lacrosse to wheelchair users, by playing on a roller rink with indoor lacrosse equipment. Great organization adding a new sport to the smorgasbord of sports for those with physical disabilities, giving them ability rather than disability.

Cat said...

A deserving non-profit is Tumalo Langlauf,, which develops and maintains a community cross-country ski area in Central Oregon. I linked to Twitter via 7NT.

Isabela Mirai Cuesta said...

We nominate:
Sharing through my Facebook page!!!!!/profile.php?id=520829923

sandi said...

I would like to nominate Wheelchair Lacross. This organization has enabled spinal chord injured people to play lacross. A full contact sport. Their website is
They are also available on facebook.
Sandi lundstrom
Sharing via facebook

Ryan Watkins said...

Posted to FB.

Cat said...

I just realized you are in Utah. If Oregon is out of your range, please substitute the new Primal Pro Woman's Racing team which has several SLC members. We have hosted some of the members at races and they are very photogenic!

The contest asks for no repeats, so it would seem at least 4 of the entries do not count. If I'm reading it correctly.

George Loch said... is a startup company in business to help racers promote themselves and the industry. THey could really use your talents.

B.Doran said...

To Everyone posting:
I know its not sports related, but, since we are all being proactive about Non-profits, I thought I would slide this little tid bit in:
Utah Food bank is in shortage this year, so any help is appreciated.

B.Doran said...

here is your sports connection:

Leonardo said...

I would like to nominate Wheelchair Lacrosse. Wheelchair lacrosse is the newest full contact adaptive sport since quad rugby started in 1977.

Seth said...

Non Profit
Little Heroes Foundation — they teach kids how to give service all over the world, so kids can grow up thinking how to help others on a local and global scale... and they have a charity basketball camp with Travis Hansen. If they get chosen I can help with design/art direction.

Rockin' R Ranch — city slickers roll up their sleeves and get to work on a ranch. It could be a lot of fun to get some shots with dirt flying in the air while someone is breaking a horse or when some kid tries to throw a lasso for the first time.

I still think that the newly approved Provo Rec Center would be a nice venue to showcase your great work. It will reach a lot of people in the community and give the center a great image/brand personality right from the start.

(I really want the pack)

Seth said...

(I shared your link on facebook and twitter)

haoleglobetrotter said...

I'm still pushin for ATTICUS!

sharing it with 10 friends on fb now!

Adam Coppola said...

forgot to mention i shared

Kevin Winzeler Photography said...

Contests to winners!!

Jride- Shimano pedals
Ryan Watkins- Clik pack
Gregory- Tech4o Watch

Thank you for all the names everyone! We will be choosing the grand prize winner for the photo shoot over the Thanksgiving break!

Kevin Winzeler Photography said...


Please send me an email and with your shipping address and phone # to claim your prize.

Info (at)

Chimp said...

Kevin- My Fiance works for a Non-Profit called Sun Valley Adapative Sports (SVAS) and they take injured vets from the war in Irag and Afghanistan on Sports Therapy trips where they discover new activities they can engage in and get some time quality time with their partners who are also coping with their new situation. I'd like to nominate them for the photo shoot give away. They do Snow Sports, Fly Fishing, Paragliding, Rafting... all sorts of shoots that would be great portfolio builders for you and that you would obviously nail. These materials would be distributed in their materials for fundraising and as well they can serve as their pitches to media for program coverage. Could mean your images would be see on "The Today Show" if they are selected, another bonus for your portfolio. Giving should still have some return, I believe SVAS will provide that return. SVAS Website

Contact: Vanessa Thompson via email at